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You need help with English presentations? Check out these 10 must-know business English expressions!

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Are you someone who dreads giving an English presentation at work? Do you struggle with delivering your ideas effectively in English meetings? It is time to end these worries and enhance your English presentation skills. The good news is that you don't have to navigate this process alone - Loop English's Business English courses can help you master the key expressions needed to make your presentations impactful and persuasive. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to 10 must-know business English expressions that can make all the difference in your presentation delivery.


1. "Let's kick things off with.."

You can use this powerful and effective expression to kickstart your presentation with a compelling introduction, a concise summary, or a comprehensive overview of your agenda. By confidently signaling your readiness to begin, you will captivate your audience's attention right from the get-go. This engaging approach will set the stage for an impactful and memorable presentation, leaving a lasting impression on your listeners.

Example: "Let's kick things off with an overview of today's agenda."

2. "This slide illustrates.."

This phrase is absolutely perfect when you want to effectively and strategically direct your audience's undivided attention to a specific, pivotal idea or concept in your presentation. By utilizing this powerful phrase, you are able to seamlessly provide a visually captivating context to your presentation, thereby enabling your audience to effortlessly comprehend, internalize, and appreciate the depth and significance of your ideas, resulting in a truly impactful and memorable presentation experience.

Example: "This slide illustrates the significant growth our company has experienced over the last quarter."

3. "I'd like to highlight.."

Utilize this powerful expression when you want to effectively underscore and highlight the crucial points in your presentation. It serves as an exceptional tool to captivate and direct your audience's attention towards the specific aspects of your presentation with utmost precision and impact. By employing this technique, you can create a lasting impression and ensure that your key messages resonate deeply with your listeners, leaving a lasting impression.

Example: "I'd like to highlight the key features of our new product that set us apart from the competition."

4. "Moving on to.."

This particular phrase is absolutely perfect when you find yourself in the need to seamlessly transition to a new and exciting topic within the context of your presentation. It serves as an effortless and smooth way to effortlessly move from one captivating idea to another, all while ensuring that your esteemed audience remains fully engaged and captivated throughout the entirety of your presentation.

Example: "Moving on to our financial performance, you'll notice a steady increase in revenue."

5. "As you can see here.."

Use this effective and powerful expression when you want to grab and captivate your audience's attention, guiding them towards the compelling visual content displayed on the screen. This technique serves as an excellent tool to emphasize and highlight crucial points in your presentation, while also providing substantial supporting evidence to reinforce your message and leave a lasting impact.

Example: "As you can see here, our customer satisfaction ratings have improved significantly."

6. "It's worth mentioning that.."

This phrase is perfect for introducing a pivotal point or crucial piece of information that your audience may not yet be aware of. By incorporating this powerful statement into your presentation, you can effectively emphasize the significance of your message and showcase your extensive knowledge and thorough research. This will undoubtedly captivate your audience and establish you as a well-informed and credible speaker.

Example: "It's worth mentioning that we've exceeded our targets in four major areas."

7. "To sum up.."

This powerful phrase serves as a clear indicator that you are reaching the culmination of your presentation. It provides an exceptional opportunity to summarize and reinforce the most pivotal aspects of your discourse, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. By recapping the key points and highlighting their significance, you leave no room for ambiguity, ensuring that your message resonates deeply with your listeners. Utilize this effective technique to drive home your main ideas, leaving a lasting impact that lingers long after your presentation concludes.

Example: "To sum up, our strategy for the next year focuses on both growth and sustainability."

8. "Thank you for your attention."

This phrase is not only the perfect way to conclude your presentation but also a genuine expression of gratitude and appreciation for your audience's valuable time and attention. By incorporating this thoughtful gesture, you not only leave a lasting impression but also showcase your professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable and impactful conclusion to your presentation.

Example : "Thank you for your attention today. I hope you found this presentation informative."

9. "I'd be happy to answer any questions."

This expression is absolutely perfect to use at the conclusion of your presentation, when you reach the moment of interaction with your audience. By incorporating this statement, you effectively convey your openness to questions and demonstrate a sense of confidence in the delivery of your presentation. This not only encourages active engagement from your audience but also showcases your expertise and mastery of the subject matter.

Example: "I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have at the end of this presentation."

10. "Let's open the floor for discussions."

This statement is perfect to use when you want to encourage discussion and collaboration from your audience. It lets them know that their input and ideas are valued, creating a more engaging and interactive presentation.

Example: "Now let's open the floor for discussions on how we can improve our current processes."


Effective communication through presentations is fundamental in today's fast-paced business environment. Understanding the right vocabulary can make all the difference in delivering an effective and influential presentation, and Loop English is here to help. The 10 expressions we have discussed in this blog post will arm you with the confidence you need to deliver an English presentation with ease. To enhance your learning journey, consider using Loop English's App, and choose the course that best fits your specific needs and goals.

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