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Team Loop English

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to one of our most innovative features: the Pronunciation Assessment tool. Our team is dedicated to continually enhancing your learning experience; this update is a testament to that commitment.

What's New in Pronunciation Assessment?

This feature, at the forefront of language learning technology, now utilizes advanced speech recognition to offer you even more precise and helpful feedback on your pronunciation. With this update, you'll get a comprehensive breakdown of your pronunciation, complete with visual representations and detailed analysis.

How Does It Work?

Our AI Pronunciation Assessment tool is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With a simple recording of yourself speaking the given phrases, our advanced speech recognition algorithms analyze your pronunciation by comparing it to audio data from native speakers. The comprehensive results provide detailed scores for Accuracy, Fluency, and Completeness on a per-word basis, offering valuable feedback. Experience the ease of navigation and the insightful analysis of our tool for your pronunciation improvement.

You can test this feature in the "Quiz" mode of any Role Play. After completing a dictation puzzle, the app enables you to record your voice. This allows you to speak a sentence and receive immediate evaluation.

Pronunciation Assessment AI

Why Pronunciation Matters

Effective communication in English isn't just about vocabulary and grammar. Pronunciation is crucial in ensuring you're understood and can interact confidently with native speakers. Our enhanced AI Pronunciation Assessment tool empowers you to speak English not just correctly but naturally.

Ready to Try It Out?

The latest update is now live and available for you to explore. Simply download the newest version and embark on a delightful experience. We are eager to hear how this update enhances your English pronunciation skills!


We sincerely appreciate you selecting Loop English as your language-learning companion. It brings us great joy to embark on this journey with you, ensuring that each step towards fluency is fulfilling and enriching.

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