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Introducing Quick Review and Freemium Up to 100 Words Keeps!

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Are you prepared to unlock your vocabulary prowess? With great enthusiasm, we're unveiling two transformative updates to the Loop English app that will radically enhance your English learning and retention process. Meet our dynamic Quick Review Feature and the empowering Freemium Plan - meticulously crafted to enrich your language learning journey and elevate its efficiency and fun quotient.

Quick Review: Empower Your Vocabulary with Fully Customizable Flashcards

Our newly introduced Quick Review feature offers you a robust tool to fortify your vocabulary bank. By navigating to the "Review" tab, you can revisit and reinforce the words you've explored. It's akin to having an on-demand, personal vocabulary coach available round-the-clock.

Review Tab

Your words are neatly categorized into two groups: Not Sure and Confident. Practice the words in the Not Sure group, transitioning them from passive comprehension to active application.

Here's the process: Flashcards display the word and its pronunciation. Pause to recall its meaning, then tap to disclose the correct definition. For an extra challenge, construct sentences with the word to cement your comprehension, then hit "Confident" when you can use it fluently.

Quick Review With Flashcards

Additionally, we've rolled out a time-based grouping feature, including Today, In Last 7 Days, In Last 30 Days, and All Words. This empowers you to curate your personalized review plan aligned with your objectives. Click "Start Review" to randomly test 10 words from All Words.

Harness the power of interactive flashcards to elevate your retention and recall, ensuring the words remain ingrained in your memory.

Free All Features: Enjoy Up to 100 Word Keeps for Free

Here comes the best part: We are thrilled to roll out all our impactful features for FREE to every user. To jumpstart your language journey, enjoy 100 complimentary Word Keeps. This is our way of offering a sneak peek into the remarkable value that Loop English infuses into your learning journey.

Discover these compelling features with our freemium plan:

  1. Search words with trending YouTube videos: Gain immediate access to relevant YouTube videos associated with specific words, rendering an immersive learning experience.
  2. New for You: Discover and subscribe to 34 vocabulary topics curated to your level and interests, to optimize your practical English vocabulary expansion.
  3. Loop for You: Generate your custom word list and have 10 "Not Sure" words featured daily on the Home screen, gradually diminishing your dependency on the dictionary.
  4. Quick Review: Revise and reinforce your vocabulary knowledge through interactive flashcards.

Freemium Features
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Ready to Build Your Word Bank?

Now's the time to act and cultivate your unique word bank. Begin by storing up to 100 words for free, tailored to your aspirations and goals. Regardless of whether you're preparing for exams, job interviews, or simply aiming to broaden your language proficiency, Loop English is your ultimate learning ally. Update or download the latest version of Loop English now from the App Store or Google Play Store and embrace the strength of Loop English as your learning aide.