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How can Loop English Help You Communicate Better in English?

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Although there are many mobile apps and books to enhance your English vocabulary, we realized that English learners struggle to get a word out of their memory instantly, and cannot speak English naturally despite their many efforts, mostly due to their poor vocabulary.

Loop English is a smart assistant to help you. In this post, you'll learn more about Loop English and how its key features can improve your English vocabulary.

What is Loop English?

You can rely on Loop English's powerful algorithms to encounter English words in a vivid way. Not only provides you with the definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations, but Loop English also shows you how native speakers use them in real-life with our fully packed content which includes more than 150,000 words and 300,000 Youtube videos.

Now, let's have a look into the key features of Loop English, corresponding to our learning process:

1/ Look up

There are multiple ways for you to look up a word with Loop English:

  • by typing words into the search bar:
  • copying and pasting a paragraph:
  • or even pasting/ sharing a link to our app:

When you look up words, Loop English provides you with Youtube videos related to one word in a second, and learn English words with ease just by simply watching the videos with subtitles. Those videos show you the way native speakers use them in real communication.

2/ Organize

Next, you can keep the words you love in your wish list (wish to be confident when using them) to remind yourself to review them later.

Furthermore, you can register topics you are engaging with, and get new words recommendations on those topics each day. The more you use our app, the less dictionary you need to use.

3/ Use

With our AI engine, Loop English did automatically support you in Looking up Word and Organising vocabulary. Now it is your turn. Practice makes perfect. Let's learn by discovering new words, watching videos, mimicking their usage, then trying to use them more and more in our daily life, and daily work until those words are transformed into a "Confident" rank.

Loop English Premium Plan

Now you can enjoy the above features without any limitation by purchasing our Premium Plan.

We provide 2 kinds of the premium program:

1/ Annual Pack with $58/year.

2/ Monthly Pack with $7/month.

Contact Us

1/ For installation:

2/ Subscribe to us on SNS:

📮 For any feedback or suggestions, please contact us via: support@loop-english.com